12 Round Ammo Box Discontinued

Royal Arms Discontinues 12 Round Plastic Ammo Box


As of November 2014 Royal Arms has discontinued the use of the 12 Round Plastic box and went back to our standard 5 Round or 25 Round Fiberboard Box. We have gone through several manufacturers along the way to get these Plastic boxes reliably. We first used MGM Plastic, then we Switch to J&J Plastics for many years, but the quality kept declining and the price increasing and then J&J stopped making them. So we had to switch to another manufacture once again this time to Pope Plastics whom took over the production from J&J, however, it only lasted less than 2 years as they quality got worse and worse. Finally, we switched to Royal Case Co and decided to make our own mold and have them molded by a plastic injection house. By creating our own Custom Mold / Die we were able to prevent the lid from breaking and changed the plastic to HDPE which is more resistant to cracking and breakage as the old PPE plastic. Needless to say we had our fair share of issues with the plastic box and when we finally got it made to our spec and engineered properly we though we had a permanent solution. We used Royal Plastics since 2009 and their quality and delivery was great, unfortunately in late July of 2014 Royal Case Co.  informed us that they were discontinuing the production of our Custom 12 Round Box as they were not able to keep our agreed price and need to create a new mold. Furthermore Royal Case was no longer interested in manufacturing small our small Box or in small Qty even though we would order 5000+ Boxes at a time that was a small Qty to them and they wanted us to give them a blanket order of 100,000 Boxes and take a minimum of 20,000 boxes per run.  So unfortunately we were forced to Discontinue the use the 12 round plastic box as of November 2014.  We did purchase the remaining inventory that Royal Case had available. As of August of 2015, We no longer have any of the 12 Round boxes left and can no longer offer this.

Currently the packaging options as follows

5 Round Fiberboard Box

25 Round Fiberboard Box

500 Round Case
1 Case = 500 Rounds (20 Boxes of 25)
Case Dims 17x9x9
Weight varies based on Round type

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