Flat Competition Glock Trigger


About the Trigger
Royal Arms  Tactical Flat Faced Glock Trigger is the closest to a 1911 style trigger you will ever get from a Striker fired weapon. We broke the mold with style, function, and price. Why pay $150 or more when you can get the same precision and accuracy from this trigger at less than 1/2 the price.  This trigger was designed and engineered by top level Enforcement, Military, and discerning individuals to provide the ultimate tactical advantage in the field for all operators and at a reasonable price.

The trigger face is completely flat like that of a 1911 and it is not a modified version of the factory trigger or a curved version. Flat triggers are the choice of top level shooters and maintain a more consistent feel across the whole range. Also, our enhanced trigger safety is wider than an OEM plastic version, allowing quick placement for the optimal firing position, and repeatability thus building improved consistency and accuracy via smooth operation through the entire length of pull.  Reduced pre-travel and crisp reset improve the shooter’s ability to place follow up shots with speed and accuracy.

Glock Model / Gen Compatibility
All of our Trigger are universal to all Glocks regardless of Gen or Caliber, it is the Trigger Bar that makes its specific to Model / Gen / Caliber. Furthermore, we used a Glock 19 Cutaway that enables us to see all of the safeties and operation of the trigger while being manipulated to verify that our trigger does not bypass or overcome any of the built in Glock safeties.

We recommend only using the Factory Glock 5lb connector and all standard Glock springs. Our Triggers can be used with other non-Glock parts, however since most of the pre-travel has been removed, your firearm may have malfunctions or bypass the built in safeties when using non-stock Glock parts. Please note that our Trigger is designed to use Factory Glock Parts and when used with factory Glock parts all 3 safeties are enabled.

Do Not use GHOST or ZEV connectors as this could make your gun unsafe.

Trigger Pull / Weight
The Factory Stock Glock has a trigger pull weight of 5.5 – 6.0 lbs (depending on Model / Gen) our Trigger will drop the pull weight by approximately  0.25 lbs so it’s in the range of 5.25 – 5.75 lbs. Changing the Trigger itself does not do much in the way of changing the pull weight as the pull rate is based on the “Connector, Trigger Bar Spring, Striker Spring, Safety Plunger & Safety Plunger Spring”  in that exact order meaning changing the connector will give you the most amount of trigger pull rate change and as you change the other items in the list it will have less and less effect as you continue in the order.

Trigger Fitment
Our Trigger is universal and will fit ALL models of Glocks regardless of Generation, Frame size or Caliber. It is the silver metal Trigger Bar that makes it specific to each Glock Model,  Caliber, Generation and not the trigger itself. If you need to order a spare trigger bar as our trigger does not come with a trigger bar below is the info and fitment.

Small Frame Gen 1 – 3  (9mm, .40 & .357)
Glock Part#SP 00357  (Smooth Trigger pad)
Factory installed on Glock  17-22-31-34-35

Glock Part#SP 02303  (Serrated trigger pad)
Factory installed on Glock  19-23-26-27-32-33

Small Frame Gen 4 (9mm, .40 & .357)
Glock Part#SP 03608  (Smooth Trigger pad, Bar Has Dimple on Side)
Factory installed on Glock 17-22-31-34-35-37

Glock Part#SP 04497 (Serrated Trigger pad, Bar Has Dimple on Side)
Factory installed on Glock 19-23-26-27-32-33-38-39

Large Frame Gen 4 (.45 ACP & 10mm)
Glock Part#SP 01194  (Smooth Trigger pad, Bar Has Dimple on Side)
Fits all G20 G21 G29 G30 and Gen 4

Installation Instructions

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.royalarms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Glock-TriggerBar-Assembly.pdf”]


About the Manufacturing
Royal Arms  Glock Trigger is made with pride in the USA from US made materials, made by Americans for Americans.   We only use the finest Hi strength Aluminum Alloy rated for Aerospace and designed by Firearms genius and shooters. They are custom CNC machined to the tightest tolerance and ultimate reliability. Finally, we use only Mil Spec 8625 Type III Class II Hard Black Anodize for ultimate protection, deep black luster, and long life.

Here at Royal Arms we just don’t say we make it, we actually do, we manufacture all of our items in-house on our state of the art CNC Machines. We encourage you to stop by and visit our production facility, to see for yourself quality and ingenuity first hand. There are many other companies that offer Glock Triggers and claim to make them, however, they won’t offer a tour or show you their machine shop or any of their production.  We have Pride, Integrity, Honesty and only make the best. If its important to you to have the best and to support America then buy from us, otherwise buy your shit elsewhere.


About Royal Arms
Royal Arms will always be 100% USA made, with USA material and USA ingenuity. We don’t just say we make it, we actual do. We encourage you to stop by our shop and see for yourself American pride in manufacturing and American Ingenuity at work.


Royal Arms is Veteran Owned and Operated.
God Bless America and our Troops.